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Keep Climbing

I used to climb a mountain in Tennessee each year. Sometimes I took my family. Sometimes friends or clients. Depending on the trail I chose, we would hike anywhere from 7-13 miles up this mountain. The “prize” besides the bragging rights of reaching the top, was a meal (cooked by generator as there is no electricity on this mountain top), a bed for the night in a very rugged and COLD cabin and the most beautiful view of the stars I’ve ever seen. But most of the memories that my kids and my friends still talk about to this day, is not about what happened once we reached the top, it was all the terrible, hysterical, painful, frightening, beautiful, dangerous, exhilarating things that happened along the way.

Just as God called Moses to meet with Him atop a mountain, God calls us to do the same during this season of prayer and fasting. God wants to meet with you. God didn’t divinely transport Moses to the top of the mountain. Moses had a part to play in the journey.

During your chosen fast, you may experience fatigue, frustration and even some pain. There may be times as you “climb” this mountain that you feel like turning around and giving up. But here’s the thing. If you are participating in this fast, then you were personally invited by the Holy Spirit to do so. So, if you were personally invited by the Holy Spirit, then He will give you the grace to complete it.

Keep climbing!

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